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Garry R. Lee, MD, is the Las Vegas Botox & Juvederm physician instructor for Allergan and the Las Vegas Dysport & Restylane physician instructor for Galderma.  He is also Air-Tite’s top national physician instructor on the advanced microcannula cosmetic filler  injection technique and lectures nationally on microneedling, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), and the Skinfinity RF.

In the most prestigious national competition for clinical excellence in cosmetic medicine among the top plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians in the country, he was the winner of “The Aesthetic Award” as the “Best Facial Injectable Enhancement Physician” in the U.S.A.  In October 2015, Dr. Lee led the USA to take second place in the world competition for “Best Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation” at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC) in Paris, France among 31 of the top physicians from 5 continents.

Dr. Garry Lee of Las Vegas with Andrew Ordon
Dr. Lee, WINNER of The Aesthetics Award 2015, with Plastic Surgeon Andrew Ordon of TV’s “The Doctors”

Dr. Lee is the only Las Vegas Botox & Juvederm physician selected to serve on both the Allergan Medical Facial Aesthetics National Advisory Board and the Allergan New Core National Advisory Board in the USA.  Concurrently, he is the only Las Vegas Dysport, Restylane, & microcannula physician selected to serve on the Galderma National Advisory Board in the USA.  Dr. Lee also serves as the executive director of the American MedAesthetic Association (AMAA), dedicated to non-surgical aesthetic medicine education. In January 2018, Dr. Lee was Voted “RealSelf Most Loved Injector 2017” by his cosmetic wrinkle injection patients and in 2017, he was selected as “One of America’s Top Physicians” by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.  He was also awarded the “Distinguished Doctor Designation”, conferred only upon the top 3% of physicians in the United States and was recognized among the top 1% of “America’s Most Honored Professionals.  He previously received Medicis’s Platinum Award, Thermage’s Pinnacle Award, the Patients Choice Award, the Compassionate Doctor Award, and the American Cancer Society Life Saver Award.  As a top Las Vegas Botox & Juvederm physician, he received Allergan’s Black Diamond (top 1% in the U.S.) as well as Galderma’s Presidential Elite (top 1% in the USA) prestigious designations as a top Las Vegas Dysport & Restylane physician.

Dr. Lee is the inventor of several advanced cosmetic injection techniques including the Long MicroCannula Double Cross-Hatched Fan, The Wiggle Progression, MicroCannula Injected Local Anesthesia (MILA), and Microcannula Bruise Reduction (MBR).

Dr. Lee is the only Las Vegas Botox, Juvederm, Dysport, and Restylane physician instructor who is also an international and national physician lecturer specializing in advanced anti-bruising and anti-swelling cosmetic injection techniques and the latest non-surgical cosmetic technology.  He is a CME physician instructor for The Aesthetic Show’s “Advanced Injectable Applications and Techniques Course” and has lectured for The Aesthetic Show (TAS), Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology, The American Society of Cosmetic Physicians (ASOCP), The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), The American MedAesthetic Association (AMAA), and The Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine (CAAM).

Dr. Lee is the author of the “First Book of Aesthetic Microcannula for Cosmetic Fillers & Local Anesthesia (MILA)”, the first book in the world dedicated to these advanced cosmetic injection technique–’s Best Seller in Medical Procedure, published in April 2016.  His articles were nationally published in the 2012 issues of both MedEsthetics & The Aesthetic Guide magazines.  Dr. Lee’s first article of 2014 on Juvederm Voluma was published in the March 2014 issue of MedEsthetics and his second article of 2014 on PRP–Platelet-Rich Plasma, co-authored by internationally reknown plastic surgeon Gordon Sasaki, MD, FACS, in the September 2014 issue of MedEsthetics Magazine. In 2015, he was honored to be chosen as the cover article of the “peer reviewed” January/February 2015 issue of PRIME: International Journal of Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine in Europe and in North America on “Advanced Anti-Bruising Cosmetic Filler Techniques.”  In the January 2017 issue of MedEsthetics Magazine, the editors selected Dr. Lee’s lip photos as the ideal using Juvederm Volbella and Juvederm Ultra to illustrate their featured article on Lovely Lips by Stephanie Kramer.  In the same issue, Dr. Lee was cited as a leading expert on Medical Microneedling and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for the Opening Channels national article by Linda Lewis.  In Autumn 2017,  Emily Innes-Leroux’s interview of Dr. Lee was published in The Chronicle of Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Botox Las Vegas Dr. Lee Best Facial Injectable Enhancement
Dr. Lee, National winner of The Aesthetic Award for “Best Facial Injectable Enhancement Physician in the USA”


Allergan Botox Logo
Botox by Allergan

Botox Basics–by THE Las Vegas Botox MD Instructor:

So…What is Botox?

Botox® Cosmetic treatments by Allergan are an FDA Approved procedure to relax the wrinkles between your eyes, on your forehead, and in your crows feet. The common term often used is that Botox® is the upper part of the “liquid facelift,” whereas Juvederm filler is the lower part.  It is injected in minutes with minimal discomfort using a tiny needle but is only ~74% effective 1 week after treatment. The full effect will be in approximately 2 weeks and the typical patient will find that results will last 2 1/2 to 4 months after injection depending on their particular metabolism.

Patient Treatment

Dr. Lee’s Botox® Cosmetic protocol is to discuss each patient’s expectations with them beforehand and to candidly relate what can and what cannot be done.  Keep in mind that Botox® Cosmetic can only be used for “dynamic” wrinkles which are apparent only when flexing the muscles.  If the muscles between your eyes have wrinkles when completely relaxed, Botox® Cosmetic  will not work as these are “static” wrinkles, which can be treated off-label with cosmetic injectable fillers.  Upon agreement of your treatment plan, standardized photography is done with the same camera, in the same room, with the same lighting, and in the same positions to give the most accurate assessment of results.  Often patients are amazed at how they first appeared when compared with our high resolution pre-treatment and post-treatment digital photos. Our Las Vegas Botox practice is to offer complimentary topical numbing to make our patients maximally comfortable. Allergan, the manufacturer, has selected Dr. Lee to teach physicians and nurses how to do Botox® Cosmetic and appointed him to be on the Allergan Medical Facial Aesthetics National Advisory Board as well as the Allergan New-Core National Advisory Board.

Additional Las Vegas Botox® Cosmetic Benefits

When injected muscles relax, patients often find that their skin is smoother creating the impression of youth and relaxing the frown lines between the eyes can create a more pleasant expression.  In fact, the ability to relax muscles is the reason why it is used clinically to prevent migraine headaches. Additional off-label applications in cosmetic medicine include injection of the corners of the eyebrows to give an enhanced feminine arch. The typical ability to lift the corner of the eyebrow is limited to a maximum of 2 or 3 mm above baseline. However the visual impact can be substantial. Dr. Lee’s aesthetic practice is ranked in the top 1% of all Allergan clinics in the U.S.  Looking for Botox in Las Vegas? We welcome you to visit Las Vegas’s  preeminent Botox office today.

WHY Travel To See Us?

Interview by Head & Neck Facial Plastic Surgeon, Rich Castellano, at The Aesthetic Show 2017. Dr. Rich is the Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author and the WINNER of The Aesthetic Award 2017 amongst the Best Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Aesthetic Practitioners in USA.

Dr. Lee Microcannula Training Amazon Book
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Microcannula Training Book

World Famous Stanford Dermatologist Patrick Bitter, Jr., Invented FotoFacial IPL/BBL

Yale Plastic Surgeon Gordon Sasaki & Dr. Lee Co-Authored A PRP Article in MedEsthetics

Dr. Charles Runels, Internationally Acclaimed Inventor of The Vampire Facelift, the O-Shot (Orgasm) and the P-Shot (Priapus) is a Friend.

With Dr. Tess Mauricio, “America’s Favorite Dermatologist”
Dr. Lee and Dr. Joe Niamtu of “The Allergan National Advisory Board”



Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery

our office location

How we look not only affects how we think and feel about ourselves, but also how others ultimately perceive us. Consequently, we all want to look our best.

Recognizing that so many patients were seeking alternatives to conventional plastic surgery, Dr. Garry Lee decided to dedicate 100% of his VIP cosmetic practice to those who wanted to “Look Younger, Without Surgery.”

Look Younger MD is honored by Allergan to be selected as a “Black Diamond” clinic, reserved only for the top 1% of all Allergan Botox Cosmetic and Juvederm Aesthetic practices in the United States. Our Restylane and Dysport “Presidential Elite” aesthetic practice also ranks in the top 1% of all Galderma practices in the country.

Years ago, our only option was plastic surgery, which required weeks of painful debilitation for recovery, premium costs, and the heightened dangers of general anesthesia–as well as the risks of the procedure itself.  Fortunately, the amazing technological advances of the last few years now allow us to look years younger without surgery. Cosmetic injections, lasers, radio frequency devices, platelet-rich plasma, and MicroPen have revolutionized our techniques with state-of-the art non-surgical cosmetic services, which are now beginning to rival the results we can get from plastic surgery. Some of our treatments and procedures include:

◊ Cosmetic Wrinkle Injections

  • Botox Cosmetic
  • Juvederm Ultra & Ultra Plus
  • Juvederm Voluma® XC
  • Juvederm Volbella®
  • Juvederm Vollure®
  • Dysport®
  • Restylane Lift®
  • Restylane Silk®
  • Restylane Refyne®
  • Restylane Defyne®
  • Silhouette InstaLift
Doctor Garry R. Lee, MD, Lecturing Before Hundreds of Physicians and Nurses at The National Society of Cosmetic Physicians Conference

◊ Skinfinity RF (Radio-Frequency):

  • Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Scars, Stretch Marks

◊ MicroPen Micro-Needling:

  • Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Scars, Stretch Marks

◊ Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for your face

  • Skin Rejuvenation with YOUR Platelets & Growth Factors

◊ Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Restoration


◊ Strawberry Laser Lipo:

  • Lose Inches Up to Two (2) Sizes–by Shrinking Fat Cells–Without Surgery!

◊ Kybella:  Injections to Dissolve Chin Fat (Double Chin)


◊ Latisse: Eyelash Growth


Dr. Lee and his staff will take the time to listen to what you would like to achieve, to carefully evaluate you, and to determine the precise menu of cosmetic procedures and treatments to meet your individual needs. Internationally recognized as a leader in cutting edge non-surgical aesthetic treatments, he will restore the more youthful, vibrant and confident…you. Conveniently located in the Greater Las Vegas area of Henderson, Nevada, his elegant Feng Shui office—featured in the local news—is an elegant setting of crystal chandeliers, original art, amethyst water fountains, ancient fossils, and an sense of peacefulness and tranquility.

Look Younger MD

2610 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy #100 Henderson, NV 89052

OPEN: Tuesday through Saturday

CLOSED: Sunday, Monday, and Holidays

HOURS: 9:30 AM ~ 5:00 PM (Later By Appointment)

CALL: (702) 938-0190 .

Dr. Lee Lectures at The Aesthetics Show 2016 to Doctors and Nurses from the USA, Canada and Mexico.


  • The treatment that I did was Botox and Juvederm…the results were AMAZING! I went from having no lips to having lips… Everybody notices the results! – Ashley B. of Las Vegas, NV

  • I LOVE the results….Everyone is very friendly and personable… Doctor Lee sets high standards… His eye for detail impresses me! – Sarah M. of Las Vegas, NV

  • Juvederm has been great….I feel a lot better about the way I look ….Botox was not painful …..I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee and his very friendly staff! – Adrienne W.

  • I recommend liquid lifts anytime. I had amazing results from my Botox and Juvederm treatment… Nice to look younger again. This could be habit forming. – Christian