Strawberry Laser Lipo (FDA Cleared Device & Laser Lipo Ltd. Certified Staff

FDA Cleared for INCH LOSS

NO Surgery – NO Downtime – NO Pain or Bruising

(Make SURE Your Laser is FDA Cleared & Staff Certified)


Look Younger MD Actual Patient
After ONLY One Strawberry Laser Treatment


Another Look Younger MD Actual Patient
After 8 Strawberry Laser Treatments

Testimonial from the above patient:

“With the Strawberry Laser Lipo package I have seen amazing results.  The laser itself had a warming effect on the treatment area.  I just relaxed on the comfy table and let the laser work.  Dr. Lee’s staff are all very knowledgeable and are very gentle and caring that I was comfortable.
I have been able to fit into clothes (jeans) that I had tucked away for ‘some day’.  Dr. Lee’s diet guidelines encouraged me to have a more nutritious lifestyle.
I highly recommend!”

As Seen on TV:  The Doctors Rachel Ray

How it Works

This FDA Cleared*, clinically proven, non-invasive and painless red laser treatment gently penetrates your skin to selectively target the fat cells underneath, leaving blood vessels, nerves and other tissue undisturbed.  When the fat cells absorb the energy from the lasers, tiny pores or openings are created which cause your fat cells to deflate (like a leaky balloon) releasing the water, glycerol and free fatty acids held within. These contents move into the interstitial space beneath the fatty layer in the skin which enables the cells to become malleable, and the harmless fat cell content is then eliminated by your lymphatic system.


What are the benefits?

FDA Clearance for temporary reduction of adipose (fat) cells, usually resulting in an overall 3.75″ loss in the waist / hips area, after 8 treatments provided there is no weight gain.  Clinical trials have shown a 95% success rate.

How is the procedure done?

After photos and measurements are taken, a belt containing 10 red lasers is tightened around your upper abdominal area, and probes are placed at the inguinal lymph nodes.  When you lie down and the lasers are turned on, the only sensation you should feel is a slight warming in the treatment area.  After 10 minutes the laser belt will be moved to the lower abdominal area, and turned on for another 10 minutes.  The next step is 10 minutes on our Whole Body Vibration Plate which will speed up metabolism to accomplish the “flushing” of the fat cell contents out through the lymphatic system, while you burn up to 600 calories in 10 minutes.

What areas of the body can I treat?

Treatment can be done in the stomach/abdomen area as well as the back.  Due to the lymph node clusters in the groin, which will drain the fat cell contents, inches can be lost throughout the whole body with this placement of the lasers.

What does it feel like?

You will feel a warm coziness as the laser energy safely penetrates the skin, with no discomfort. You may even feel relaxed enough to fall asleep!

How long does the procedure take?

Each session will be scheduled for a one hour time slot.  This will give us time to take your pictures, do measurements, do your treatment laser treatment, and finish with your cardio routine on the Vibration Plate.  Measurements and photographs are taken on the first and last treatments.

What is the downtime?

You may notice a slight redness to your skin immediately after the laser treatment. This is very temporary condition caused by the laser lights penetrating your skin to heat up the fat cells.  There are no known side effects and you can resume normal activities, including cardio exercise immediately following Laser Lipo treatment.

When will I see the results?

Most people see immediate inch loss results after the first treatment. This is temporary and will improve as more treatments are done. To prolong your results we recommend a sensible diet and continued exercise.

How many treatments will I need?

The Strawberry Laser Lipo is done in a series of 8 treatments, twice a week, for 4 weeks, with a minimum of 48 hours between each treatment.  Multiple sessions may be done if desired, however, you must “take a break” for two weeks between sessions.

What Can I Eat?

Dr. Lee will provide you with guidelines incorporating the latest anti-Alzheimer, anti-aging, and anti-cancer concepts using a Zen Approach.


Before & After Images Courtesy of Laser Lipo, LTD



*FDA Cleared Indications: The Low level Laser model Strawberry and Strawberry and Cream can be used for the non-invasive temporary reduction in waist circumference by the disruption for adipocyte cells within the fat layer for the release of fat and lipids from these cells for non-invasive aesthetic use.