Patient Reviews of Sclerotherapy (Spider Veins)

Patient Reviews of Sclerotherapy
(Spider Veins):

Cheryl W

I had the spider vein treatment on my legs; as a result about 90% of them were taken away.  I was Absolutely Thrilled with the results that I got and I would Absolutely Recommend him; the pain level was very low.  I am Very Happy with the results I got!

Judy E

I am really pleased with my spider-vein treatment.  I have had spider-veins since I was a teenager. My results are fantastic!  I am ready for the summer.  Any one who wants to do this try it, you won’t be disappointed.  I would recommend Dr. Lee in Henderson, Las Vegas Nevada to anyone!

Tammy R

Hi, I am 35 years old.  I came into Dr. Lee’s for spider-vein treatments.  The results Were Awesome.  Now I can wear shorts.  He is so good, he is able to get the tiny veins, too.  Come on in and get your legs done!

Heather M

I would definitely recommend the Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic and Dr Lee–to Everybody!” (Heather had Spider Vein treatments with Dr. Lee outside Las Vegas, in Henderson, Nevada)

Christine R

I came to Dr Lee to have my spider veins taken care of…The results I had are a Absolutely Phenomenal!  Dr Lee did a Great Job!  Dr Lee is in Las Vegas &  Henderson , Nevada.

Stephanie C

It’s Night & Day difference between when I started and when I finished…it’s almost 100%!…I can wear shorts and feel really happy about that.  My kids have noticed, EVEN my husband noticed..My neighbor who had laser treatment done…she and I both started about the same time with our treatments…and mine is SIGNIFICANTLY better than hers…I couldn’t really tell (that she had a laser treatment) until she told me!..She’s really upset her legs don’t look as good as do…I’m just THRILLED with the results…So Thank You Dr. Lee for everything!  (Stephanie did Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada.)

Melissa A

I am Very Happy with the Spider-Vein Treatment in Las Vegas.  Dr Lee is Courteous and Kind!  He talks…which takes your mind off the procedure as it’s going on.  I recommend Dr Lee and his Courteous Staff!  It was a Very Positive Experience for me!

Amy M

I came to Dr. Lee for Spider-Vein Treatments. I’m Extremely happy with my results, probably 98% of my Spider Veins are gone! My sister noticed, my husband noticed…I would Definately recommend Dr. Lee to Anyone! (Amy did Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada.)

Patricia M

I had (spider) vein treatment.  The results are absolutely fantastic!  I think it’s the best I have ever seen.  Everybody notices.  Dr Lee is a magician.  I recommend Dr Lee to everyone on the planet!  (Patricia did Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins with Dr. Lee.)

Stacie E

People kept asking me if I had a bruise…(the sclerotherapy photos) were a little frightening…I’m SUPER HAPPY with how everything is coming…I would Highly Recommend Dr. Lee and his Staff!

Staci S

Staci S. talks about her Spider-Vein treatments–right after the third treatment: “I’d say about 95% improvement. Everyone here is Wonderful. Dr. Lee Does a GREAT Job!

Melissa V

I did the Sclerotherapy on my Spider Veins…I am 100% satisfied, my Spider Veins are completely gone!  I could not be happier with my treatment.  My fiancee has noticed…I have now been wearing shorts and skirts!…This is actually the Best Wellness Center I’ve ever been to…and I would recommend Dr. Lee to everyone!  (Melissa did Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada.)