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Patient Reviews About Restylane

Patient Reviews About Restylane

Barbara H

My name is Barbara and I am 63 years old.  I just had the Restylane done in the tear toughs under my eyes.  And I am totally thrilled…He uses the anti-bruising technique…The overall results – excellent, I’m so happy with it. I just got back from a college graduation up in Reno. And while we were up there a couple we were having dinner with, he looked at me and said “How come you don’t have those wrinkles and those bags under your eyes like my wife?”  And as embarrassing as that was I did tell him that I have a wonderful, wonderful doctor in Las Vegas that does the fillers.  And he is such a perfectionist he has such a good eye.  And that’s what I had done and that’s why I look ten years younger than all my friends.  Everyone here at the office is wonderful.  It’s the best place.  I would recommend it my family, friends, anybody I could forward to Dr. Lee, with great confidence.  Thank you.

Chrisie K

Hi my name is Chrisie. I’m Dr. Lee’s patient.  This is my before Restylane and this is my after.  This is after he smoothed a few of the lumps out.  I wanted to tell you that the second and third day I was really swollen…It was quite scary, I kept icing and here I am now where it is at least a 50% or more improvement.  Thank you Dr.  Lee.