Patient Reviews about Medical Weight Loss

Patient Reviews about Medical Weight Loss

Michael T

I’m really happy with the results! A lot of people have been noticing – all my friends – I’m in the best shape of my life! Yeah, I totally recommend Dr. Lee. Michael did the Phentermine Weight-Loss Program and the P90X DVD Exercise Program with Dr Lee at the Las Vegas, Henderson, NV Office.

Denise P

Denise Bought Us “Nothing Bundt Cakes” (without eating any) to Celebrate Her Great Wight-Loss Success…

Diedre B, Weight Loss Program

“My mother passed away in March 2009 from a hemorrhagic stroke. I was depressed and tense. I decided to treat myself to a spa package. I had been to all of the hotel spas and it seemed to me the main purpose was to hurry and get you out for the next customer. I felt like a number there. I saw Dr. Lee’s ad in the 89123 Magazine for Las Vegas, Henderson, NV and immediately called. My skin had broken out very badly from the stress and loss of my mother. I definitely did not need any products or inexperienced person making it worse. I needed to ask some questions about the products before I made my appointment. Brenda promptly called me back and explained everything about the products and much more. I made an appointment with her and she is the warmest most caring person I had met in a long time. Her spirit comforted me in my time of need. I began to see her every month from that point on. I decided to treat my friend to a spa treatment for Mother’s Day. We had a great day. She loved the staff and environment, unfortunately she hit Dr. Lee’s car as we were leaving the parking lot. He brought her back in, and made her feel incredibly comfortable. In the end Dr. Lee called her personally and offered her a complimentary spa treatment. It impressed me that a Dr. would take the time and personally call her.

When my brother was just 15 years old the Dr’s found that he had brain cancer. My brother survived for five years. He died at the young age of 20. During his course of treatments and I saw many doctors alongside my brother. Being only 13 years old myself I started noticing they all pretty much had the same bedside manner, cold and robotic. My mother constantly said she had no more trust in Dr’s. It made my whole family afraid to see the doctor’s out of fear. Eventually I got over my fears. I still never found that Dr that I felt really cared. I felt they just wanted my insurance payment until I met Dr. Lee.

The first thing I noticed was that he has a desk that he uses right out front of his office. The second thing I noticed is how warm and caring he was with his patients. I said to myself “This can’t be a real MD” so I did some research and found that not only is he warm and kind, he’s well qualified. I watched Dr. Lee as each month I came in for my spa treatment. I was over impressed by how well he treated each and everyone one of his patients and staff. Maybe my mother would not have been so afraid to see the doctor had she met Dr. Lee. She would probably still been alive to this day because I am confident he would have caught her hypertension and treated her accordingly.

I had gained 15 lbs within 7 months after my mother passed away. Even though I had been an athlete and physically fit person my whole life. My mother’s death had taken a toll on me physically as well. I thought I should be grieving instead of working out at the gym. I started back working out slowly but wasn’t losing any of the weight. I saw the pamphlet for Dr. Lee’s Weightless Program. I had always been the type of person that thought I could do it on my own. Even with constant and long work outs, nothing was working. I decided one day to ask Dr. Lee about his program while he was in between patients. He stopped in the middle of his busy schedule to answer my questions about the program. I was so impressed by the fact that he had even talked to me without telling the front desk clerks to make an appointment for me first. I made my appointment for the following week. Dr. Lee answered all of my questions about the program and made me feel confident and relaxed. He even invited my husband in and made him feel comfortable.

I have since lost 13lbs in about 45 days. I’m so happy with my results and I could not have done it without Dr. Lee. He is one of the most patient and caring Dr’s I have met in this lifetime. Now that all of my family and friends have seen my results everyone wants to know how I did it. I say “DOCTOR WONDERFUL!!!

(Deidre had the Phentermine Weight-Loss Program with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada)