Patient Reviews About Botox Cosmetic Filler Treatments

Patient Reviews About Botox Las Vegas Cosmetic Filler Treatments (Liquid Facelift)


Ashley drove 5 hours all the way from Utah to get her Botox treatment from Dr. Lee.


Kelly did Botox with Dr. Lee at his Las Vegas & Henderson Office.

Anonymous Patient

She and her friends came from Scottsdale, Arizona just to see Dr. Lee.

Botox and Anti-Bruising Juvederm (Microcannula):

Linda B

The Treatment that I had done was Juvederm & Botox.  My results were actually AMAZING!  I actually had people think I was a Sister to my Daughter…my Daughter is 25 and I’m 49, so I’m VERY PLEASED with the Results!

Donna and Karl O

Now everybody tells me I look rested, I don’t look mad anymore.  I think Dr. Lee does a fantastic job…there’s no comparison, Dr. Lee’s the Best!” They had  Las Vegas Botox & Juvederm treatments from Dr. Lee in Henderson, Nevada.

Ashley B

The treatment that I did was Botox and Juvederm…the results were AMAZING! I went from having No Lips to Having Lips! Everybody has noticed these results everywhere we go…Everyone thinks my mom (who saw Dr. Lee too) is my older sister!…I would Highly Recommend them to anyone, everyone! (Ashley had Botox & Juvederm with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson.)

Adrienne W

Juvederm has been Great….noticed an immediate difference…..feel a lot better about the way I look ….Botox was really easy and not painful …..I Would Definitly Recommend Dr. Lee and his Very Friendly Staff! Las Vegas/Henderson Office

Jonathan O

I used to come to Dr. Lee every few months for Botox, but last year I came in and got Juvéderm to fill in where I was looking a little bit upset. I went to visit my sister in California and she said, “What have you done?!” I finally ended up telling her that I got Juvéderm. Now I don’t look so “pissed off” anymore! (Jonathan had Botox and Juvederm with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada.)

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