Medical Aesthetician Services

Medical Esthetician Services by Judi Rush 

Judi has been involved in the skincare industry for over 17 years. She was a skin care consultant for 6 years and educated her clients on a course of treatments and skin care products. With her advanced knowledge in the Glo® Therapeutics chemical peel line, and medical grade peels such as the VI Peel, Jessner, TCA and Alpha Beta. She offers in-depth, specialized and customized treatments for the on-going health and wellness of your skin. She has a passionate, skin savvy, loyal following. With a successful background in sales, Judi has an established track record of being Number 1 in sales for Nevada for the last 6 years.

She promotes overall relaxation and is sensitive to her clients needs. Judi offers facials, peels and is Certified in Dermaplaning, Micro Needling (Dermapen®)and Derma Sweep® Microdermabrasion. She is constantly educating herself on progressive treatments and products to provide you with the most current skin care needs and make sure you and your skin are always healthy and beautiful.

We use Glo® Therapeutics

Glo® Therapeutics is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care and chemical exfoliation treatments. It’s scientific approach is based on established research combined with new scientific discoveries.  Glo® Therapeutics’ unique and advanced formulations provide potent concentrations with high levels of active ingredients to offer the ultimate in revolutionizing your skin. Glo® Therapeutics contain an army of effective antioxidants to defend against harmful free radicals to ensure healthier skin.

Offering a variety of Facials, Chemical Peels, Brow & Lash Shaping and Tinting, Judi will be able to take care of all your skin care needs and concerns.

Chose from the Glo® Facial to target breakouts, to the Teen or Back Facial for deep cleansing of oily, congested and acne prone skin. The Vitamin C Facial uses peptides and anti-oxidants to repair and strengthen skin cells, and erase the signs of aging by encouraging collagen production. Judi’s popular Dermaplaning is a method of exfoliation that consists of using a 14 gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. It also removes the facial hair, leaving the surface very smooth, allowing for greater penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly.

Judi’s specialized Chemical Peels can improve the skin’s appearance. In this treatment, an acid solution is applied to the face to remove the outermost layer or layers of skin. The skin crusts, scales, and peels over several days. The new skin that grows in its place is softer, smoother, and has fewer imperfections. Areas of sun damage may improve after chemical peeling.  After a chemical peel, skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sun, so wear sunscreen every day.

Chemical peels can be done on the face, neck, or hands. Peels can be used to help:

  • Reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth
  • Treat wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging
  • Improve the appearance of mild scars
  • Treat certain types of acne
  • Reduce age spots, freckles, and dark patches (melasma) due to pregnancy or taking birth control pills
  • Improve the look and feel of skin

Also providing Microneedling Treatments; Shaping and Tinting for Eyebrows and Lashes; Hand Treatments; and Gift Certificates for Special Occasions.

Microneedling can improve the appearance of unsightly Stretch Marks

The appearance of Stretch marks show great improvement after treatment with Microneedling.  Stretch Mark treatment is offered in packages of 5, 7 & 10 sessions, with 1 treatment done every 30 days.