Non-Surgical Injections to Dissolve The Fat Under Your (Double) Chin

Kybella is the exciting new FDA Approved series of injections (deoxycholic) to eliminate excessive fat under the chin (double chin) without the need for general anesthesia, liposuction, or surgery.

In clinical trials, the typical dose was 3 to 4 vials per session, with most patients needing 2 to 4 sessions approximately 6 weeks apart. Kybella is injected with tiny needles to almost painlessly break down body fat and aid in the absorption. Once the fat cells are destroyed, fat can no longer be stored in the areas injected for a long term solution. The most common post treatment side effects are swelling, bruising, and numbness at the injection site.

Dr. Lee is the State of Nevada Kythera Instructor for Kybella chin treatments and TEACHES physicians how to do it. He actually had Kybella himself to know what his patients are experiencing to better treat them. His experience with Kybella is that it was quick and nearly painless, but he did have marked swelling for 24 hours which diminished over the course of a week—but he loves Kybella.