Juvederm Henderson Patient Reviews, Look Younger MD Las Vegas

Patient Reviews About Juvederm Las Vegas/ Henderson (Microcannula)

Kay PC of Las Vegas

I love Doctor Lee…and I’ll tell you, I’m a Bruiser…I ALWAYS Bruise…This time I had Juvederm and I tried the Air-Tite Anti-Bruising Technique…Oh My Gosh!…I mean–NO Bruising–NOT One Bruise…This is the most Amazing thing…I have told Everybody I know about it.  I recommend SO many people to come to Dr. Lee…He’s an Amazing Doctor anyway, but this just blew my mind…This is going to be Huge…HUGE!  (Kay did Juvderm with the Air-Tite Anti-Bruising Technique with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada.)

Kristy S in Henderson

This is a true story about how one doctor and Juvederm changed my life… My pregnancy caused bad acne that created deep pockmarks all over my cheeks. I was so insecure about it and everyone told me there was nothing I could do about it until I met THIS doctor in Henderson, NV. He got rid of all of my acne scars.

Lisa W

I’ve been to other doctors for Juvederm shots, and nobody has come close to Dr. Lee – in his style, his professionalism, his staff is amazing … he is not just concerned with how you look; he is concerned about the whole person and that is impressive!…When I talk about Dr. Lee I talk about him in glowing terms, his way of giving shots is practically painless and there’s no bruising. What I want to say about Dr. Lee is use him, he’s terrific, and you will be so impressed.

Donna McG

I just had the upper lip Juvederm and we used the Air-Tite Anti-Bruising Method…and I’m a Bruiser, and I was just Amazed!  There was NO Bruising!…This has become my Favorite Place…Dr. Lee is Wonderful, I’m going to be coming back for more in the mouth area…and I will be using the Air-Tite Anti-Bruising Method…It’s WONDERFUL!  I went right back to work. (Donna did Juvederm with the Air-Tite Anti-Bruising Technique with Dr. Lee in LV/Henderson NV.)


Casey came all the way from London to get Juvederm using from Dr. Lee!

Amy H

Absolutely loved it…I’m Looking 15 to 20 years Younger….very patient and warm and held my hand as we did it…they were great!…Awesome Experience! Amy had Juvederm with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada.

Ginnie H

And what he did was just made it so I look rested and not grumpy. He did a wonderful job…5 stars out of 5 – I give him a 10!” She saw Dr Lee in the Las Vegas, Henderson area office for Juvederm.

Carol D

My daughter says I look crabby and angry so I came to see Dr Lee for some Juvederm. He used a special anti-bruising needle, it worked so well, I feel great and am amazed at the results. I am very pleased! (Carol did Juvederm with the Air-Tite Anti-Bruising Technique with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada.)

Susan K

I just had a Juvederm treatment done by Dr. Lee…I had the last treatment done about a year ago and this time I had a lot less pain and ABSOLUTELY NO Bruising!…This time Nothing…He used the Anti-Bruising (Air-Tite) Needle which I really liked, it did an Excellent Job!  A Lot Less Pain…(Susan did Juvderm with the Air-Tite Anti-Bruising Technique with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada.)

Maria D

I just had a Juvederm done, all around my mouth…I was deathly afraid of surgery cause, I’ve seen mishaps horribly…the first thing my son Jonathan said is “Oh My God Ma!  You’re Like 15 Years Younger!  I Can’t Believe It!”…I would definitely recommend him to anybody, especially…I was so scared and he took all that time and patience with me…Thank You Dr. Lee, I Love You!  (Mary did Juvederm with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada.)

 Ashley S

I got Juvederm for my Acne scars. I definitely got good results and it smooth out lot of the scars that were bothering me before…I would definitely recommend Horizon Ridge Wellness Clinic to other people looking to improve their acne scars! (Ashley tried Lasers unsuccessfully before to remove her Acne Scars…Juvederm with in Las Vegas with Dr. Lee WORKED for her!)

Debbie L

I am incredibly and overwhelmingly happy with my results!

Sharon D

Dr. Lee injected 5 syringes of Juvederm TODAY using the Air-Tite Cannula Method…had this done a year ago, the same amount of syringes; and the Improvement on my BRUISING is 99% this time…LOVE the Doctor…I Totally Recommend them…and I Already Have! Sharon had Juvederm using the Air-Tite Anti-Brusing Technique by Dr. Lee. Dr. Lee is the Air-Tite Consulting International Instructor and Lecturer for The National Association of Cosmetic Physicians. He is Nationally Published in September/October 2012 Articles of BOTH MedEsthetics Magazine & The Aesthetic Guide. He teaches Physicians & Nurses how to do Botox & Juvederm for Allergan and was recognized as one of the “Best Cosmetic Injectable Enhancement” Physicians in the USA at The 2012 Aesthetic Show.

Beverly W

I had Botox and Juvederm done here. I feel Awesome about you guys. ..I would never go to any one else. Dr Lee takes his time and talks to me. I would recommend you to anyone young to old. (Beverly had Juvederm done at our Las Vegas & Henderson Office.)

Ann H

Thank you so much for providing me with the Juvederm treatment. It made a HUGE improvement in my appearance and I feel SO much better about myself. (Ann had Juvederm with Dr. Lee in Las Vegas/Henderson.)

Kristy S

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing treatments and “treatment” I experiences at your office located in Las Vegas, Henderson, NV. I am still amazed at the results of my Juvéderm® treatments. EVERYONE I run into comments on, “what looks so different about me“. People keep telling me I look ten years younger. I had no idea that I could get these kind of results from Juvéderm®… would’ve done it years ago otherwise. I additionally had no idea that I could get these kinds of results INSTANTLY! That’s the best part about it. I like the instant gratification I received and it wasn’t as painful as I assumed it would be.

From the moment I walked into your office, everyone made me feel so incredibly welcome and comfortable. The positive energy was just incomparable, like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Lee’s “perfectionist” attitude is just perfect. I can’t imagine having gone to anyone else. I don’t believe there’s another Dr. in town that could have done as good of a job as he has done. And his bedside manner is unbelievable. I’ve never known a doctor quite so “concerned” for his patients’ well being and considerate as he.

So I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the world to see.

You guys are awesome and I’ve referred everyone I know to you! Keep up the great work. YOU guys are truly changing the world… one happy person at a time! My life is actually better, because of how I feel now about myself. I believe life is all about paying “forward” the blessings in life. You guys are a HUGE blessing to this community and I will do my part to forward all of my referrals your way!!!!!

Peace and Blessings,