Hair Restoration

Las Vegas Hair Restoration with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Las Vegas hair restoration with PRP Therapy works on the basis of restoring growth factors within the blood. Human blood contains mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products. These elements are essential to regenerate scalp tissue. Once the scalp tissue is regenerated, the hair follicles are able to produce the necessary hair growth. Seven major growth factors exist in normal platelets. The growth factors enter the hair bulb circulation and stimulate the stem cells. This leads to changes in the follicle. Platelets contain healing growth factors, those growth factors are like signal callers that give instructions to your tissue to regenerate and multiply.  These platelets are key to stimulating hair follicles to generate hair growth. They mainly target the Dermal Papilla, which is a component of the hair follicle. The platelets, when used to regenerate hair growth within follicles, promotes healing and the formation of new cell growth. In addition, the platelets also accelerate the rate and degree of regeneration so that you can expect to see results in a timely manner. With PRP for Hair, your growth factors and stem cells work together to reverse the miniaturization of the hair follicle and jumpstarting dormant hair back into the growth stage.

How many treatments are required?

Treatment will vary based on your need. Initially, your provider may recommend several treatments spaced 1 month apart. After the initial treatment, many physicians suggest by maintenance treatments 2-4 times per year.

Is there any recovery time?

There is no downtime or a long recovery process. You may take a warm shower the evening of the treatment. In addition, it is advised to avoid using any harsh dyes or chemicals on your hair for 48 hours.

Is this a cure for baldness?

PRP is not a cure for baldness (Androgenic Alopecia). The genetic medical problem will always remain. However, there is evidence that regular treatments can significantly slow down the effects of Androgenic Alopecia and works to increase hair density


Our PRP for Hair Restoration treatment involves the collection and concentration of your body’s own platelets using a very easy process. A special collection tube is used to draw your blood and is placed into a centrifuge for 10 minutes to concentrate and separate the plasma, then, using a small needle, the platelets are injected strategically into your scalp in the areas that need improvement.

Before PRP Treatment with Dr. Lee 5-25-17
After 3 PRP Treatments with Dr. Lee 9-23-17







Before PRP Treatments with Dr. Lee
After PRP Treatments with Dr. Lee











Harvest Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Dr. Lee’s article on the use of Harvest PRP to stimulate hair growth for androgenetic alopecia (baldness) was Nationally Published in the September 2014 Issue of MedEsthetics Magazine, co-authored by Plastic Surgeon Gordon Sasaki.

CLICK HERE to read Dr. Lee’s article,”PRP for Hair Loss,”

which was nationally published in the September 2014 issue of MedEsthetics.

This is the process we used for this patient: We drew his blood and used The Harvest Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) System to concentrate his OWN human growth factors and platelets–and injected it with minimal discomfort into his hair, which had significant areas of thinning and baldness. Keep in mind that there is no FDA Indication for PRP for hair growth and no clinical research–nevertheless the results after only TWO treatments are stunning…

Contrast this with the results from traditional hair plug techniques.