Before & After Photos

  • Before and After Las Vegas Botox Injections

    Before Botox Crows Feet
    After Botox Crows Feet
  • Before Botox Frontalis
    After Botox Frontalis
  • Before Botox Glabella
    After Botox Glabella
  • Before and After Juvederm

    Before Juvederm & Restylane
    After Dr. Lee (Without Surgery)
  • Before Juvederm Marionette Lines
    After Juvederm Marionette Lines
  • Before Juvederm Nasolabial Lines
    After Juvederm Nasolabial Lines
  • Before Juvederm Lips & Nasolabial Lines
    After Juvederm Lips & Nasolabial Lines
  • Before and After Juvederm Using Micro-Cannula

    Anti-Bruising Juvederm Treatment using Air-Tite MicroCannula. Photo was taken just before and immediately after injection treatment with minimal discomfort and swelling and NO visible bruising.
  • Before and After Restylane in Tear Trough using TSK by Air-Tite STERiGLIDE MicroCannula


  • Before and After Juvederm, Skinfinity, PRP & MicroPen

    Pre Juvederm + Skinfinity RF + MicroPen + PRP
    Post Juvederm + Skinfinity RF + MicroPen + PRP
  • Before and After Microneedling

    Acne Scars Before Microneedling
    After MicroNeedling